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PhiAcademy provides personalized and professional education to prepare students for success. With a highly qualified faculty, students gain the necessary skills and expertise for personal and professional growth

Join our microblading training program and become an expert with our comprehensive curriculum. Our experienced instructors will guide and support you with industry secrets. Start your successful microblading career today!

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microblading Premium Course

Simply put, microblading is a hyper-realistic permanent eyebrow shaping

You can see the details of this phenomenal skill in this video: and best of all, it can be your job

?What is microblading exactly

Simply put, microblading is a hyper-realistic permanent eyebrow shaping. You can see the details of this phenomenal skill in this video: and best of all, it can be your job!

Danielle Bissor

I Believe True Beauty Is Achieved From The Inside-Out. Since I know for myself, I have been involved in the beauty industry. I love to learn and keep myself updated with the market demands. Following my passion for all beauty services, in 2016, I joined Phi-Academy, attending the first class in the USA, and studied Microblading with my talented Master Francek Prsa. Getting familiar with the Academy and realizing what a great support system they have, I added more courses to better serve my clientele, such as PhiContour – Permanent Make-Up, PhiRemoval- Tattoo Removal, PhiIon- Microneedling and Plasma treatment, Micropoint, PowderBrows, PhiBright. I proudly achieved the desired title PhiBrobws and PowderBrows CraftMaster. I'm looking forward to assisting people in fulfilling their dream and reach financial freedom. To my students, I'll be there to support, guide, and share anything I know and have learned along the way.

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About our course

Education in courses are divided into two stages and in two days of live teaching and learning! On the FIRST DAY of the course, you will be introduced to theory.

 The theoretical part of the course focuses on skin problems, post-treatment care, pigments, shape symmetry, hygiene topics… Everything you need to know before you can start the practical part. On THE SECOND DAY of the course, you can see and learn how to practice and upgrade your skill. The practical part comes down to practice on skin simulation on the first day and practice on live models on the second day. In this way, stdents learn how to work on real skin, determine what kind of pressure is needed to be applied on the skin, and many other Simportant lessons.

Education Still, we need to point out that education does not last only two days! It continues up to 6 or 4 months after the training. During that time, you are going to be supported by the Master. After the two-day course, students stay in daily contact with the Master through the Craft Master application, where they send their works and move from one level to another to reach the final goal. The application contains 12 levels through

 photos are evaluated.which each student must pass. In each level, exercises you send in the form of photos are evaluated.

?How and when will I be ready for work

In just a couple of months, you will be ready for your first client and your first pay. This means that after the 2-day course, you will have to practice a little bit more and learn how to create the best shape and brow look for your client. Of course, you will be mentored by your master through all that learning process, so that you know you are doing microblading in the best possible way, because PhiAcademy makes only professionals who do their work perfectly! In a short amount of time, you will become your own provider, working your way up and upgrading your career to be one of the best Phibrows masters in your country!

PhiBrows courses require much more than just an investment in time and money. This means that after the 2-day course, you will have to put aside a significant amount of time for practice. The aim of the 2-day course is not to train you to start working straight away but rather to teach you how to practice PhiBrows. The average time necessary to gain these skills in between 2 and 3 months of practice and communication with a Master.


In United States, Artists charge around $400 per treatment, while Royal Artists charge around $700 per treatment.


PhiAcademy has developed the GMC program (Get More Clients), aimed to help PhiBrows Artists spread the word and get clients faster. This program has detailed steps with a lot of tips and tricks to help you be the best on the market. This course is embedded in the PhiBrows course. If you chose a PhiBrows course that doesn’t have GMC, you can always add it at an additional cost.


The average time to get return from investment in the course is about 5 months. PhiBrows Premium Course students have the opportunity to attend the Get More Clients program for free, enabling them to reach their clients much faster.

he only requirement for attending the course is that you are over 18 years of age. Since every country has different laws and regulations on who can perform the treatments, we also provide support for receiving the microblading and tattooing licence, after you apply.

PhiBrows technique and tools have been designed and they never stop being redesigned in order to support their trained Artists in creating highly precise hair strokes, beautiful eyebrows shaped for your natural facial features and perfect symmetry. We use certified tools that have been tested in order to ensure the perfect eyebrows for you.

The average time for passing of all levels on online platform depends exclusively from you and your devotion; it can last for one month, two or three months, implying that those who work hard, pass the course quicker, have more time to practice and can complete the course before 6 months.

The CraftMaster App is the place to learn and pass levels on the network but it is also a basic communication tool between the Master and the Student/Artist, as well as the Academy among Students/Artists worldwide.

Levels consists from 11 steps including the shape of eyebrows on paper, followed by 5 levels of partial practice on latex of the right and left eyebrow, one level includes assessment of the skin situation, drawing shapes on a model, drawing just a couple of strokes on a model and in level 10, work with models where at least 5 clients is necessary. The final level includes questionnaire on theoretical issues about the technique and other lessons you attend.

Time and effort invested by students in practising are special factors decided how far they can go. At least you now know that you can learn to become an eyebrow artist, and until you have your decisiveness, it is not too difficult to learn those 90% eyebrow microblading.

There is a large demand for microblading training and this trend is growing. This can be a lucrative business since it is a specialised procedure requiring training and certification. For a person with entrepreneurial mindset, microblading business has great potential, since this technique, regardless of trends, is always popular because it offers a completely natural eyebrow look.

Former experience and knowledge in the field of cosmetics and cosmetic treatments is not necessary in order for you to start a new career at PhiAcademy. Each student must start from the very beginning, regardless of whether he or she is a doctor, lawyer, graphic designer, beautician or has no previous experience at all.

The average time to get return from investment in the course is about 5 months. PhiBrows Premium Course students have the opportunity to attend the Get More Clients program for free, enabling them to reach their clients much faster.

You can always offer your services in nearby salons, agreeing that the owner of the salon will get a certain percentage of the income you’ll get by doing treatments. In case microblading is just a way to get extra income, you can be sure that the people you are currently working with will become your first clients.

The following step will show how have most beauty artists become successful in their business:

Step 1: Offer your services in nearby salons, agreeing that the owner of the salon will get a certain percentage of the income you’ll get by doing treatments. This way, both sides are happy and earning money.

Step 2: Register a beauty salon in a separate room in your home, which has been specially adapted for the treatments. This kind of service is particularly popular with clients, because they feel more comfortable and have a casual relationship with beauty artists. This specially adapted space for Microblading is great for beginners, because they won’t have any employees nor strict working hours, and they can be free to work in other salons as well.

Step 3: Opening your own salon. Bear in mind that the location of your salon isn’t crucial for your treatments. It doesn’t have to be on a busy street – it can be in your own home as well. With this in mind, you’ll have all the benefits mentioned in step 2.

We’ll also mention that in each country there are specific rules and conditions you have to fulfill in order to open your salon, so you should do some research as well.

he price of the treatment differs from one country to another, and it is adjusted to their financial standards. Therefore, the cheapest treatment is 200€ and the most expensive is 1000€. PhiMasters frequently advise their students to preserve the quality of their services and that the price determines their types of clients.

Yes, training continues for 2-4-6 months (depending on your selected package) after classes in order to enable you to master your microblading skills. The PhiAcademy provides daily support and homework through the CraftMaster App, in order to help you to improve your microblading skills.

  • Any adult that signed up for a course can become a student.
  • The student can become an Artist when they’ve passed all levels of a course.
  • A Royal Artist is an Artist with at least 6 months of experience, whose work has reached the level of perfection. All Masters of this technique in the Academy vote to assign this title. A Royal Artist has an extremely professional relationship with their clients and colleagues. A Royal Artist can monitor other Artist and earn some additional income.
  • Any Royal Artist can become a Master Assistant when they’ve completed a certain amount of monitoring, set by the Academy.
  • A Craft Master may become a person who has been a Master Assistant for at least 6 months. The Master Assistant with the greatest number of monitorings in his/her country of residence becomes a Craft Master.
  • Any Craft Masters or Master Assistants can become Grand Masters. To reach this title, a person has to contribute and create new skills and techniques which haven’t existed before in the PhiAcademy. Their work has to be recognizable in professional circles. Having a Grand Master title will allow you to appoint your Masters in the entire world.